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Your property is subject to strict, constantly changing regulations. In Wallonia, for example, rental permits are compulsory for small individual dwellings and collective dwellings (studios, kots, shared flats, etc.).

Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, our private investigators can assist you efficiently and objectively with your rental permit application or renewal.

ChatelainXpert will provide you with the advice and assistance you need to obtain a rental permit, including advice on the work required to bring your property into compliance.

ChatelainXpert: Trust in real estate expertise, ensuring your peace of mind and the success of your transactions.

Receipt of request 1
Appointment made within 24 working hours 2
On-site visit 3
Drafting and dispatch of the interim report 4
Report transmission 5

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Property type
Individual housing
maximum 170 €
Multi-family housing
maximum 170 € basic + 34 € per single room

These prices are exclusive of VAT

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