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Accredited by leading national and international professional associations such as RICS, CIBEX, ABEX and soon by the Fédération Belge des Évaluateurs Immobiliers, ChatelainXpert delivers property valuation reports that comply with current standards. We ensure that we meet the requirements of institutions such as EBA, BNB, FSMA...

Expertise Full

A comprehensive real estate appraisal is a detailed, professional assessment of a property's value. It involves an in-depth analysis of factors such as location, size, physical condition, architectural features, amenities and local market trends. The real estate expert also examines legal and regulatory aspects that could influence the value of the property.

The real estate appraisal usually includes a physical inspection of the property, the collection of comparable data on recent sales of similar properties in the area, as well as an analysis of economic data and the local real estate market. Once all this information has been gathered and evaluated, the expert produces a detailed report presenting his conclusion on the property's current market value.

This type of appraisal is often required for real estate transactions, mortgages, estates, property divisions, legal disputes or other situations where an accurate estimate of real estate value is required. Real estate appraisal aims to provide an objective and impartial assessment of a property's value, based on professional criteria and factual data.

Expertise Drive-by

A "drive-by" real estate appraisal is a quick, exterior evaluation of a property, carried out without going inside. The surveyor, usually a real estate appraiser, visits the property to observe the exterior, take photos and gather visual information. This method is often used when time, restricted access or other constraints prevent a full inspection.

The drive-by surveyor examines the exterior condition of the property, its location, surroundings and other features visible from the outside. They may also consult comparable data on recent sales in the area to establish an estimate of the property's market value.

Although this method is less accurate than a full appraisal with interior inspection, it can be useful in situations where a quick valuation is required, such as for mortgages or preliminary appraisals. However, it's important to note that this approach may not provide as much detail as a traditional real estate appraisal, and may not be suitable for all situations.

Expertise Desktop

A "desk-top" (or remote) real estate appraisal is an assessment of a property's value based primarily on information and data available online, without a physical visit. The real estate appraiser analyzes comparable data, tax information, satellite images and other remotely accessible sources to estimate the property's value.

This method is often used for properties where physical access is limited, or where time constraints prevent a full appraisal. The appraiser examines characteristics such as size, location, local market trends and other relevant information to arrive at an estimate of market value.

While this approach can provide useful estimates in some situations, it may not be as accurate as a traditional real estate appraisal with a physical visit. Elements that are not visible online, such as the property's interior condition, can influence value but are not taken into account in a desk-top appraisal.

Portfolio update

Real estate portfolio discounting services are services designed to reassess and update the value and performance of real estate assets held by an individual, company or financial institution.

These services can include:

  • Assessment of current values
  • Performance analysis
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Analysis of market trends
  • Risk management
  • Reallocation recommendations
  • Reporting and analysis

These real estate portfolio updating services are essential for making informed decisions regarding the management and optimization of real estate assets, taking into account market fluctuations and financial objectives.

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A votre demande, les photos pourront vous être envoyées via wetransfer au vu de la taille importante du fichier.

Après avoir constitué votre dossier reprenant l’ensemble de vos coordonnées personnelles, un RV vous sera proposé. La date ainsi que l’heure précise vous seront confirmées par mail directement.

Les rapports d’expertise sont généralement à charge de la personne qui introduit une demande de crédit à la banque. Certaines banques ou courtiers peuvent cependant en charge le montant des honoraires. Il sera clairement spécifié par écrit qui prend en charge l’expertise immobilière, afin d’éviter tout malentendu. Il est à savoir que, sauf arrangement contraire, seule le destinataire de la facture recevra le rapport d’expertise et en sera propriétaire.

Même si cela est fortement conseillé (afin de pouvoir récolter un maximum d’informations sur le bien), il n’est cependant pas nécessaire que la personne qui a commandé l’expertise soit présente. Par contre, il est impératif que nous puissions avoir accès au bâtiment dans son entièreté.

L’expert se rend directement au lieu de l’expertise et procède à la visite des lieux. Il procède à ses constations, consulte les documents demandés préalablement et récolté le maximum d’informations utiles à la réalisation de la mission. Après avoir consulté sa documentation (point de comparaison, situation urbanistique, plan de secteur…), l’expert rédige le rapport d’expertise complet qui vous sera transmis par mail après validation d’un rapport provisoire envoyé préalablement.