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Since June 2021, all requests for connection to the drinking water supply system must be accompanied by a visit from an approved certifier. ChatelainXpert is one such certifier. Indeed, new constructions must have certification for internal water and wastewater installations. CertIBEau is therefore mandatory for the construction of new buildings or for all new water connections.

CertIBEau is not always compulsory if you are renovating an old building. However, requesting CertIBEau when selling a property has many advantages. A CertIBEau certificate adds real value to your building.

ChatelainXpert guarantees the information on your property's CertIBEau certificate, and will help you with any questions you may have. Our service will inform you about the health and environmental safety of your building. By certifying your property, you are helping to protect the health of its occupants and the environment.

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